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Break Camp Day 4 : Foosball, More Swinging, Table Tenis

February Fun 2014Josh Rothhaas

Each morning we attempt to create a calm but creative space to walk into. It's time to say hello to our friends, wake up a bit, and get our brains thinking. 

The moment the clock strikes 9:30am, we dive right in. Having nearly "finished" the swing in one day. We've spent the next two reinforcing it, adding details and really making sure it works.

All the while the pinball machine entered a whole new level of colorful. Dubbed gum-ball machine camouflage, it was determined that this color scheme would be ideal for hiding in a gum-ball machine.

Side projects are flourishing as confidence grows and kids get an understanding of the shop. 

Today the foosball table team made great strides. Early on in our work we used a very warped piece of wood. This has come back to haunt us again and again as we try and get the whole thing to sit flat.

The oldest group felt confident their swing had achieved a certain level of "done" and decided to move on. Next up, a ping pong table.

Can we finish them all? Tomorrow is our last chance.

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