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BowlerCoaster Day 2 : Ambitious

Spring Bowlercoaster 2014Josh Rothhaas

Today was a day of height and high ambition. Our first section of track takes a classic lazy first turn before heading for a 40 degree fall into what will hopefully connect to a 4 foot tall loop-the-loop. It was another day of high minded collaboration and working together well. By working together well, I mean at the highest level of abstraction and at the simplest level of spacial awareness. We have teams of kids who have taken laser like focus on simple objectives like cut the wood or make 25  identical track pieces. The group's collective ability to see that the repetitive work of the now as an enabling force in the bigger and longer term picture of the BowlerCoaster is powerful and will have major and positive ramifications for the week ahead.

Then the next goal was going up.
Aidan plays the roll of bowling ball.
Major connections are made.
We all have a go at the jigsaw
And something takes shape.
The quarter sections become halves.
And the halves become a whole

Tomorrow has the big project of connecting our first drop with our first feature. We have no idea if it will work, an essential element in a great Tinkering School project.

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