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Spring Break 2017

Farm-in-the-Blank Wednesday!

Spring Break 2017Lindsay JonesComment

A part of tinkering that we think is really important is taking time to stop, breathe and think about what you have accomplished, how you accomplished it, and then how you feel about that.  We try to incorporate different kinds of reflection through out all of our programs. We reflect as a group on why our plan worked here, but not over there. We reflect with our partner on how we assembled this section, before we move on to that section. We reflect as a whole group on ways to collaborate. We reflect with ourselves on how we handled a mistake in building or a mistake we made talking to a new friend.

Farm-in-the-Blank Monday!

Spring Break 2017Lindsay JonesComment

This morning we began practicing tinkering with a group of 10 kids.  To put our best feets forward we talk about how to treat each other and the tools safely and respectfully. One of the best parts of our tool trainings is that they offer lots of opportunity to practice collaboration, asking for help and offering help while experiencing the tools.

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