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Winter Break 2014

Winter Break Camp: The Nutcracker

Winter Break 2014Sean Murray

Tchaikovsky's ballet The Nutcracker features a beautiful suite and large swathes of improvisation for dancers...

...but it's conspicuously short on actual nut-cracking. To remedy this, we spent Tuesday building actual, literal nutcrackers, and using them to crack nuts.*

We challenged ourselves to build a Tele-Nutcracker--a device that could crack a nut placed 10 feet from the human operator...

...and a device that could crack at least 3 nuts with one operation...

...and a fun game to roll nuts down a miniature ski-slalom on a single axle.

We also found some time to built miniature vices for at-home nut-cracking.


You can find more photos here.

*In a Tinkering School first, of 19 kiddos and 5 collaborators, we only had one nut allergy--a mild one, limited to cashews. Hooray!

Winter Break Camp: Ice Hockey!

Winter Break 2014Sean Murray

For the first day of Winter Break Camp, we made an Ice Hockey rink.

There were two goals, defended by plwyood goalies, a curved wall around the rink, and even a scoreboard. 

Pucks and sticks were, of course, home-made.

In all the rink came out to be about 96"x200".

In the excitement of actually using our finished sticks to shoot the finished pucks towards the finished goals inside our finished rink, we managed not to take a picture of the finished project. Kind of poetic, all that's documented is the process and teamwork. Lots more pictures of that, here.

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