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Builder and Project Specialist


We are looking for that rare and versatile builder who loves learning new things and sharing what they know. They should be able to function in the realms of both classical (working from plans) and jazz (improvisation with other creative minds). They key is the talent/skill to see a plan and idea and work with it to make it a reality. Spotting what is and isn’t possible and guiding others to a version of the solution that will work (rather than changing their idea to something new). We are as eager to talk to bombastic college students as we are to talk to woodworkers with 35 years of experience. We are interested in talking to builders from any discipline regardless of experience with children.


  • You have built many things at a variety of scales and complexities.

  • You have trained others to use tools and/or build (does not have to be children).

  • You like kids and want to work with them.

  • You build stuff for fun or on your own time.

  • You see sharing your skills as an act of empowerment for others.

  • You are Punctual and Reliable.

  • You are Incredibly Flexible. Every plan is a starting place and subject to change.

Would be Awesome, But Not Mandatory

  • You have formal or informal experience building things with kids.

  • You have worked on a big crew or in a large shop.

  • You have an additional superpower(s) or skill(s) (musician? comic book curator? baker? bmxer? anything).


Apply to join our team by emailing info@tinkeringschool.com with your resume, a cover letter, and samples (photos are fine) of some cool project you’ve worked on. Applications accepted on a rolling basis until we find the right person (sooner is better). Submit your application in PDF format only, please.

Work Hours and Dates

Our work day runs from 8am-6pm. You will only work 8 hours of that day, but for scheduling flexibility you must be available for these hours during the weeks listed below. We have a weekly staff meetings on Wednesdays that keeps us on the same page and creates space for stories and new ideas.

You will be working with us from 6/7/2015 to 8/26/2015, which includes set up, training and break down.

Camp is in session from 6/22/2015 to 8/21/2015


Starting at $700 (depending on skills and experience) per week.

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