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Overnight Camp Cook and House Steward 2015

This is a position for our  overnight Summer Camp in Montara CA (30 min south of SF)

Tinkering School Overnight camp is looking for a Cook and House Steward.

At Tinkering School there are two main mental spaces. The Workshop and The House. The House is where we plot and plan. It's where we set the culture and the tone. It's a place of hard thinking and good fun. It is also where we eat, rest and sleep. It is a place where rest is possible, support through the frustrating problems of the day can be found, and the mind and body are nourished. The House Steward is in charge of making this all happen.

This is a new position at a new location. We've worked out many of the kinks and written some decent food and prep plans. We have been at this for 9 years. But we are looking for someone who can really make it work in a new place and take the food and culture to new levels. Someone who can take everything we've learned, everything they know and everything we will discover together and mix it into an amazing concoction of food, structure, love and sanitation. Someone who can nourish our body with healthy delicious food. Someone who can nourish our culture by creating a supporting and loving atmosphere. Someone who will invest in our kids; their passions, their struggles and their health. We are looking for you to help make the House feel like home.

We aim to keep our camp free of processed foods, sans the occasional breakfast cereal. Food is simple and kid friendly (though we always try and stretch boundaries and are constantly surprised by what our kids love and enjoy) and cooked from scratch as often as possible


Apply to join our team by emailing Karen with your resume and a cover letter. Applications accepted on a rolling basis (sooner is better). Submit your application in PDF format only, please.



- Weekly planning for 3 meals a day for 20-28 people
- Organizational and Shopping ninja.
- An eye for sanitation (experience with the rules and laws of a Clean Kitchen a plus)
- An avuncular nature
- Flexible. Our camp is small (18 kids) and changes dramatically based on their needs. You need to be able to adapt and problem solve when things change.
- Budget management.
- A car is very helpful but not needed.

Experience and Education

- Experience cooking for groups of 15 or more
- Experience with kids is a big plus

Outline of Responsibilities

- Prepping/cooking breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for 18-20 kids, a staff of 2-3, yourself and anywhere from 1-5 volunteers.
- Maintaining a sense of community in The House
- Supply runs for the needs of the house (food, toiletries, etc) AND for the needs of the Workshop (tools, materials and more)
- Optimize cooking and prep so that, if possible, you may join the kids for chunks of the day.

Work Hours and Dates

You will be employed with us from 6/15/2015 until 8/12/2015
Camp is in session from 6/21/2015 to 8/8/2015
Like all the overnight camp positions, this position is 24 hours a day most days. We will make sure every staff member has one full day off and 2 nights off every 7 days.

Tinkering School Weeks

Kids are there and cooking is central. Room and meals provided. Camp starts on sunday with an afternoon snack and sunday night dinner. We then run all day every day until the following saturday where we provide breakfast and goodbye snack. Your week starts on the saturday before camp, and the rest of staff join's you sunday morning before campers arrive.


We offer a stipend of $700 a week (depending on experience) for the weeks that Tinkering School is in session. Room and meals are included.


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