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Notes from an Island (Shipwrecked) WEEK 9, Day 1

Rachel EconomyComment

We were sitting in our afternoon circle, happy and tired from tool training and park, and ready to find out the week's theme, when suddenly, from somewhere above, a crumpled note fell into the center of the circle. We opened it, and read it aloud. And every morning after that, all week, a not arrived from someone whose name we couldn't read, but whose messages were clear and strong

What follows is a series of transcriptions of the letters from our shipwrecked friend:


Day 1: Shipwrecked

It's lonely here, shipwrecked...the only things I have to keep me company are my deserted island, the bow of my ruined boat, and the crow's next, snapped off in the shipwreck...

One thing fills me with hope...The idea that young kids, far away, are being great teammates, learning from failure, trying harder than usual, and building something bigger than themselves...

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