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2D to 3D - Session 4 - Day 2

2D to 3D (2016)Molly MansfieldComment

Today was the first full day of building this week and amazing things are starting to happen! 

The Great Wave group is building BIG and the wooden wave/waves is/are starting to take shape:

The Mona Lisa project has built some parts of the Mona Lisa's body and is working on a neck for her. They built a large picture frame and experimented with giving it detail and patterns too! They built large boxes as the support for their structure and are continuing to generate creative ideas!

The Monet Water Lilies and Japanese Garden bridge are taking shape and the tinkerers' interpretations of the painting continue to evolve! We now have floating/rolling lily pads (that are now green!) and a turtle. The bridge platform is nearly complete and tomorrow the challenge will be to elevate it:

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