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Partner Playground - Day 3: Wednesday is Fulcrum Day

Juniors Playground (2016)Evan BarnesComment

Yes, the title of this post is a rather poor word substitution joke about Wednesday being hump (fulcrum) day. But today was the day that the See Saw team got to work building the fulcrum for their see saw! The Tinkerers really put in a solid day of work today, and we went from having the merest sketches of our ideas built at the start of the day to having full, impressive structures by the end of the day. There's definitely more work to do, but we seem to be well on our way to having our own custom built playground on Friday!

The See Saw team had a good meeting in the morning, reviewing the progress they had already made, and making plans for the day to finish reinforcing the see saw lever and start building the fulcrum. 

The See Saw team got straight to work and made great strides!

The Partner Swing team had a longer meeting in the morning. Because our project's first test ended in catastrophic failure yesterday, we had to revise our plans and come up with some new ways to reinforce our structure to make it strong enough to support swings. The Tinkerers came up with some good plans after reviewing how to work together effectively, and got to work!

We built hard for both build sessions, adding a huge amount of reinforcement to our swing frame! We also exhausted some tinkerers in the process.

Exhaustion strikes!

By the end of the day, the swing team had a structure that was ready for a second test. Raising it up onto its base was an exciting ordeal, and required all hands on deck!

We tested the strength of the swing frame by having Evan slowly grab onto and hang from the crossbar, and it held up well! There's still some wobble to fix, but that's for tomorrow.

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