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Neverland - Session 3 - Day 3

Neverland (2016)Lindsay JonesComment

On Wednesday, at closing circle, the kids answered the question "What surprised you today?" and several shared a version of "We got a lot more done than I thought we were going to!"

One tinkerer thought it was because of the great teamwork in their group.  We all agreed we worked hard all day and were super tired.  

Wednesdays are an awesome point in the week, because the kids feel confident with the tools, they know what needs to happen to progress the project, and basic structures are beginning to take shape, which keeps us all motivated to keep going to see what we can accomplish!

Today skeletons were fleshed out.

Today support beams became floors that could hold 13 tinkerers at once!

Today frames became rock grottos.

Tomorrow we'll start adding features to make our projects unique and as awesome as our brains can imagine!

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