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Tinkerers in Space - Mission 8 - Tinkerdate 02

Space (2016)Lindsay JonesComment

:::transmission start:::

Mission update: 

Yesterday we made our team agreements and got started designing what we need to complete our galactic mission. And today we were in full construction mode to get our designs into action.

Here is our spacecraft, The T.S. Gever Tulley This beauty is going to carry us off of earth and deep into the galaxy so we can step foot onto a newly discovered planet, and take samples from the newly discovered alien dragon. Most of our highly trained astronaut-fabricators are working on the main frame of the craft, while some are working on some other crucial parts such as the space toilet, sample crane, and our state of the art control panel.

Space toilet design team at work

Space toilet design team at work

Aside from The TS One and it's facilities, far away in another galaxy, another team is building up their prized alien dragon as a gift to our astronauts so they can collect samples.

Team dragon strengthening the dragon's ribs

Team dragon strengthening the dragon's ribs

Also in this galaxy, a clean-up and construction crew is beautifying their planet and constructing new structures to make a good impression on the astronauts. Communication with the planet is limited, but from what we've heard, they're designing and building a mountain. Oh, the things Earth would do for technology like that!

The last thing that was heard over the planets communication with us was a dance party that broke out in the build site of the mountain. Our astronauts are feeling a lot less nervous now because apparently this planet in a galaxy far far away also listens to Justin Timberlake just like us!

:::end transmission:::




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