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Stolen Unicorn - Session 7 - Day 3

Caroline MartinComment

With the return of our drills after evil Dr Pilfer took them yesterday (we managed to borrow some from our other camps), we're ready for another day of building. We still have some big obstacles, however.

It's going to take all our teamwork to get our various projects done, but everyone's already on top of that.

But, can you believe it, Dr Pilfer strikes again. We find, to our dismay, that she has taken our chopsaw blades, and replaced them with cardboard!

We must carry on. We regroup and figure out a plan.

Our visual communication skills are improving as well.

Park time gives us a moment to get refreshed, and for the collaborator team to replace our chop saws. 

When we come back, the Laser team has new intel. Satellite imagery has given them the locations of the laser towers, as well as some mysterious boxes. Our best guesses, after some discussion, is that they are power sources, key pad entries, and ways to disable the lasers.

And we're making great progress with our ladder to scale the fortress wall.

Structural engineering is a big part of camp here. One of our first lessons is about the strengths and weaknesses of some shapes. Here we have a square...

But the problem with squares is that they can transform quite easily into parallelograms, often when we don't want them to. 

(The solution is triangles.)

Part of our retrieval now includes a decoy unicorn head. It's starting to look very familiar.


And so ends another day at Tinkering School. Tomorrow is our last full build day, can't wait to see what happens!



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