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Tinkerers in Space - Mission 8 - Tinkerdate 01

Space (2016)Lindsay JonesComment

:::press release:::

Mission Control
San Francisco, California

Mission 8 aboard the T.S. Gever Tulley to explore an uncharted planet has begun.

Not very early this morning, our mission team assembled and we agreed to treat each other, ourselves, and our environments respectfully.  All team members endured hours of training on specialized equipment to prepare them for the upcoming projects of stablizing the Spacecraft, exploring the Environment of the new planet we landed on, and building a Colony for us to live in.

Then, we closed our eyes and entered hypersleep.

When we awoke we had safely landed on the unexplored planet!! The three projects groups immediately began planning out and designing their strategies.

And got down to business!

Check in tomorrow for the next dispatch from Tinkerers in Space.

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