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Teamwork and Part Replication at Mark Day School

Mark Day Insects! (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Yesterday, we got off to a great start at Mark Day School. We started building a couple of really weird insect designs, where we took bits and pieces from quite a few (normally) tiny critters, mixed em up, smooshed them back together, and came up with plans for two fantastical wooden creatures. 

With some solid plans in place, today was about making and making and making similar parts that will later join together to become creatures. (Come to think of it, bugs really are surprisingly similar. They have similar body sections. They have many legs that look the same. So, once you make one part, you should be able to make many? That's the theory we are working from!)

And with that, we spent most of the day doing the same thing over and over. Cut PVC pipe with a hacksaw. Cut paracord with a soldering gun. Locate and then cut pieces of wood that already have 1/2" holes in them. 

Here are some highlights of the day:

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