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Vehicle Wash Tuesday: Breaking Things and Design Innovation

Mark Day Carwash (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Two amazing things happened on this sunny Tuesday at Mark Day School: We broke a wall, and we began a first iteration of an articulating elephant trunk!

First, the wall!

For two days, one team has been building a giant wall to house a vehicle washing mechanism. This is a huge framed structure that is going to basically house ALL of the washing mechanisms that we will be making. The giant wall needs some major supports so that it won't fall over. The team tried a solution, and then we quality tested it by toppling the structure over!

The post-fall aftermath revealed some major flaws in the design, and the team got back to work on a solution!

Meanwhile, the "vehicle" team needed to make an elephant trunk. Why, you ask? Well, you'll see later! After some design discussion and testing, the team made a plan and got to work!

In no time, they were teaching one another how to assemble the trunk and making some major progress! 

Check out all the photos on Flickr!

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