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Pizza Coaster! - Day 4 - Mark Day School

Mark Day Pizza (2017)Brendon BellComment

Pulleys, winches, weights, vertical tracks and more! Things are getting complex here at Tinkering School - Mark Day! 

The track continues to grow and grow. Our pizza will have to travel an impressive distance just to be delivered on the plate. Hopefully it won't get too cold...

Like any proper roller coaster, ours has some scary tunnels to pass through. 

With such a long track, there's plenty of room for all sorts of obstacles for our pizza to roll through. It might end up looking more like a mini-golf course than a pizza coaster... 

Another team worked on a slide to transport the pizza between the tallest two towers.

And Jack perfected his pizza oven. 

One team perfected the crank and ramp mechanism to deliver the pizza to the weight powered conveyor belt. They really took our tinkering school motto to heart of making mistakes and learning from them. They went though several iterations before landing on a solution that works. And while it was hard work, the reward...priceless!



Only one more day of tinkering left and I'm getting hungry! Stay tuned to see if at least one of us gets to each a freshly baked and well traveled wooden pizza :)

Check out all the photos from the day and rest of the week on our Flickr page!

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