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A Submarine, A Fred (The Octopus) and New Endangered Species at Mark Day

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

We're halfway done!

The highlights from today were:

  • A new species of wooden marine life was discovered in the parking lot!
  • A submarine got a floor and a roof and then flipped using human power!
  • An octopus has 8 legs (not yet attached!)
  • Young humans were able to use a bunch of new tools and new techniques: the jigsaw, the handsaw, how to make a jig, specialized cuts on the chopsaw, and of course, how to work and communicate better together as members of a building and problem-solving community.  


Maika and Colin cut out a circle from plywood for the submarine.

So much teamwork and specialized techniques! Katherine and Penelope hold part of the octopus stand while drilling a pilot hole at a tricky angle, while Penelope and Khema clamp all their crab sides together so they can all be attached at once. 

The octopus team works together to make wooden hinges for their articulating arms while the submarine team makes the base for a giant propeller. 

Audrey and Mateus make angled cuts with the chopsaw to assemble the complex geometric design of the octopus!

As always, the photos from today can be found on Flickr.

See you tomorrow!

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