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Animal Homes - Day 5 - Week 8 - SF Day Camp - LAST DAY OF SUMMER CAMP!

Molly Mansfield3 Comments

Another fantastic week of Tinkering School Summer Camp has come to a close! This was also our last week of Summer Day Camp in San Francisco and it was wonderful to end our summer on such a high note!

Tinkerers worked hard on their projects all morning and by afternoon were proud to share their interesting animal homes with the families who came for the big reveal: a beaver dam, a spider nest and trap, and a bear den with a distinctive fairytale influence (think Goldilocks: three sets of things, one too big, one too small, and the third just right!)

Here are some photos of the tinkerers hard at work this morning... (Click, tap or swipe to scroll through the slideshow below)

 Families came for the big reveal of the projects in the afternoon and everyone had the chance to appreciate the big structures that were created with all of our tinkering collaboration before we deconstructed everything at the end! (Click, tap or swipe to scroll through the slideshow below)

There are more photos of our amazing final week of Tinkering Camp - view our Flickr album page for more photos of this great week of camp!

Thank you for a wonderful summer of MAKING MISTAKES AND LEARNING FROM THEM, of COLLABORATING to create some impressive projects, of BUILDING THINGS BIGGER THAN OURSELVES both literally and metaphorically, and of TRYING HARDER THAN USUAL! We have had such a good time tinkering this summer and already we can't wait until next June comes around for another summer session! Look to our website for updates about the tinkering programming that we will be offering in the fall and winter during the school year.

Keep on tinkering, friends!

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