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Jack and the Beanstalk Finale! - Mark Day School

Mark Day Jack Bean (2017)Brendon BellComment

Five days ago this imaginative group of tinkerers was playing around with just a bean of an idea...

They planted it...

...and watched it grow with some unusual and exciting features!

A wolf even made an appearance. (Can you see it's face? Ferocious!)

After 5 days of collaboration, trying harder than usual, and making lots and lots of wonderful mistakes and learning from them, we arrived at the moment of the great unveiling! And this project was definitely bigger than ourselves!

To enter the world of Jack and/or Veronica and the beanstalk, you must read the story cover to cover...

...and only once the final page is flipped, may you pass through the portal into the story world!

You will find yourself in a perplexing labyrinth filled with trees and climbing spiders and squirrels...

...and then you must crawl through a long and super spooky tunnel.

Watch out for the wolf! It will try to get you as soon as you exit the tunnel!

And finally you will arrive at the triangular (and very sturdy) beanstalk. When you're at the top don't forget to drop a golden egg down the pipe!

The egg will be waiting for you next to your getaway car and you'll be ready to zoom off into fantastic futures of great fortune!

Tinkering School is dedicated to empowering young people with the skills (both social/emotional and building) to influence and shape their worlds around them. Its been a joy collaborating with this group of enthusiastic tinkerers and seeing their self-confidence and building competence take off!  

After days of designing, building, collaborating, failing, learning, and persevering together, we hope these tinkerers will take away with them the knowledge that they have incredible capacity to accomplish magical things - especially when they work together.

To see all the photos from the week, check out our Flickr page!

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