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Mission to Mars! - Day 2 - Mark Day School

Mark Day - Mars (2017Brendon BellComment

Here we come mars! Another day of tinkering, and this crew has already put their newfound building skills to good use and made a ton of progress!

The martian colony is coming along nicely. We've discovered Martians like public transportation so were building an elevated monorail to go between some tall skyscrapers - or spacescrapers???

And the spaceship is being built at warp speed!

Jaden, Jacob, and Charlie attach the engine.

Jaden, Jacob, and Charlie attach the engine.

Perfect shirt Griffin! 

Perfect shirt Griffin! 

What's a spaceship without a couch? Carley, Abbey, and Kendra decided to work together to build an awesome couch. The crew's quarters are going to be super comfy! 

And the spaceship cockpit is quickly taking shape. Control panels are popping up all over the place. Front panels, side panels, tons of room for tons of buttons.

It's awesome to see how stoked this group is to work and collaborate together. On to the next day of awesome building! Can't wait to see what this group of tinkerers comes up with next!

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