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Gnomes & Domes - Day 3 - Week 3 - SF Summer Day Camp

Molly MansfieldComment

This morning was mayhem at Tinkering School Day Camp SF! Last night the collaborators forgot to lock the back door and some CATS sneaked in to the building! Everyone knows that cats are the natural enemy of gnomes, and it appears that the cats were here to make mischief to thwart the creation of the gnome biomes. 

You've heard of the saying, "Cat got your tongue"? This morning the cats stole the voices of five of our collaborators, including all three of the project leads! Tinkerers could tell which collaborators had stolen voices because they mysteriously had "MEOW!" name tags on.... 

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Fortunately, around park and lunch time our admin collaborator Grace arrived with her dog, and the canine presence broke the feline spell! The collaborators got their voices back!

Without five collaborator voices, tinkerers had to run their own project meetings and solve problems without extra adult help. Today we saw more collaboration and heightened tinkerer attention and awareness. As a result, the projects progressed and we continued to build things bigger than ourselves (one of the tinkering school goals)!

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To fend off the cats (in case they try to come back tonight) the tinkerers built some defenses. We even did some yoga in closing circle (downward facing dog and upward facing dog) to stretch out and to create canine presence to keep the cats at bay! (It's been a totally, wonderfully silly week at Tinkering School Day Camp SF!)

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog to learn what happens tomorrow! Will the cats come back? What will the tinkerers build next?

There are also many more photos of the collaborations that are happening this week on our Flickr site - view those photos by clicking HERE!

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