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SF Day Camp - Giant Games - Week 1 - Day 1

Molly MansfieldComment

It's finally here, Tinkering Summer Day Camp 2018 has begun!!

We have a fun and talented bunch of collaborators this summer, we are excited, and today was the first day with our first group of enthusiastic tinkerers!

This summer our theme is: MECHANISMS! We are making a concerted effort to include moving parts in our projects and to incorporate some additional knowledge about simple machines in our camp weeks. 

Our first project theme this week is Giant Games - we have three project groups, each making a different game of huge proportion. One group is making a large pinball machine, another is making a real-life version of Crossy Road (or Frogger, for those of you with a few more years under your belts), and the third group is making a giant Connect Four game!

Today our tinkerers learned how to use the tools. found out the project theme for the week, and started designing their projects. Here are some photos of our day (click or swipe to scroll):

Be sure to check out our Tinkering School Flickr page for many more photos of this week and the amazing work that our tinkerers are accomplishing!

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