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Harry Potter - Day 5 - Week 5 - Mark Day School

Mark Day / San Rafael, Mark Day Harry PotterTatian GreenleafComment

The last day of camp arrived with a flutter of nervous excitement. Would we be able to finish our builds by the afternoon? Would the train be able to pull the passenger car? Would the hidden door be reinforced to allow it to properly raise and lower?

The answers came in spurts: yes. yes. yes. Even though there is always more that can be imagined, more that can be designed, and more that can be built, we know we have a deadline and we work as a team to do as much as we can in the time we have.

The tinkerers met to plan how the train would arrive, how many people could ride it at one time, how best to allow visitors to travel under the hidden door, and where to position the sink and basilisk.

During our closing circle, just before family members arrived, we said more gratitudes to each other and shared ways we had met our goals for the week. There were new friendships growing and thanks said for help given.

At the end of the day, we all pitched in (thanks, family members!) to take apart our creations and return all of the materials to their original bins so they could be used again another time.

And so it is bittersweet that the final week of Tinkering School Summer Camp at Mark Day School comes to an end. We hope to see each of your children again next summer for another exciting program!

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