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Air Benders - Day 1 - Week 7 (SF Day Camp)

Air Benders (2019)Ava Koroshetz StevensComment

This Monday we embarked on another exciting week of tinkering! We began our morning agreeing on ways we would treat and work with one another safely. Branching out from our 4 Tinkering Goals of collaborating, building something bigger than ourselves, learning from our mistakes, and trying harder than usual, all of our campers shared their ideas.


The day truly gets in motion when we begin our tool training. Campers are eager to learn about all the new tools they’ll be using throughout the week like clamps, drills, and the chop saw. It’s a hands on learning experience that we all benefit from and helps us stay safe.


At the wonderful location we’re at this summer, we are lucky to have access to the Crissy Field Beach for lunch and play time! We get to spend time everyday building in the sand and getting some sunshine (if the SF fog allows it!).


After returning from an exciting time at the beach, we finally learned what this week’s building challenge/theme will be: Air Benders! We will spend our week building incredible creations that will harness the air to move or even fly! Deciding whether to work on the 12ft Windmill, Sail Car, or Glider+Launcher is a tough one. After settling into their groups, the design session took off! Campers channeled their creative minds and brainstormed their ideas for their creations.


After coming up with the big plan, we were off to a great start! We have one group that got started on a Sail Car that will have a big sail to harness the wind to move.

Our windmill team was deciding just how tall they could make their air bender without having it fall over! At Tinkering school we love to build BIG :) .


Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow to follow this crews progress! To see more tinkering fun from the day, you can also check out our Flickr album!

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