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Despite us

Sean Murray


My favorite projects are ones that happen despite us. When kids simply do not take our inability to help them with their project as an acceptable reason to not make progress on their own ideas.


This observation tower is one such project. While Sean helped wood-fort team, Nikki led clay-fort team, Chane led little fort clinics, Natan did soldering work, and Lindsay helped 5 year olds master the jig saw, this one project chugged along making substantial progress with the barest of assistance.


They trial and erred their way to a tall tower. On top of that, when safety inspectors (myself or another staff member) came along and said, "You'll need another cross beam here" or "I am uncomfortable with how this joint is attached" these kids jumped right on it. Totally willing to redo or fix anything that stood between them and the always exciting, "All right, that seems safe to climb".


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