Tinkering School

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Rope? Rope!

Sean Murray

Every Monday we announce the theme for the week, the topic, concept, our material that will drive our tinkering. Some topics get cheers (forts!); some get raised eyebrows (color...). This week's topic met with our first groan.



Henry becoming infected by Nikki's enthusiasm.

We hold that: Everything is interesting when you look closely. With the proper tools and time to ponder, and a few sparks of enthusiasm, what seemed mundane can reveal its richness, depth and possibility.

Our campers refuse to be bored. They will push, poke, and tumble a concept until it reveals its wondesr .So far, they've found quite a bit of wonder in rope by...

...building a climbing net... 9241998809<em>ca1bd0d167</em>c.jpg ...making rope from natural fibers... 9241998809<em>ca1bd0d167</em>c.jpg
...weaving hammocks...
9241998809<em>ca1bd0d167</em>c.jpg ...and spanning the cork floor on an elegant, simple suspension bridge. 9241998809<em>ca1bd0d167</em>c.jpg Rope!

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