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Week 5, Day 3 & 4 - A Test Run and Great Progress

Sean Murray

In just two days we've had an amazing story of progress and growth. Yesterday the kids set up what they had made so far and challenged me to a time trial. They use the run as input. The webbing was to easy to sneak under. The balance beams needed repercussions for falling off. We needed more challenges if we are going to make it take at least a minute.

They the set at it. Set design team make some impressive boulders and lava. Commando rope team made something truly strong and large. The webbing team made a hard to cheat, hard to finish, but ultimately do-able challenge (a fine line to flirt). They made a river (which we will fill with water) and installed some ankle-rollers (which I am particularly worried about). Gever, the founder of Tinkering School, Also came yesterday to lend a hand while Lindsay and Shawna were out sick.

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