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Mission to Space: Day 2

Sean Murray

This morning we started off with a lot of energy and excitement. Our goal was to get each project standing on its own.  The kids got right to work, confident in the tool skills they learned yesterday.

V.V. and Thijs cut their pieces safely.

Pieke cuts moon boot parts with her hand saw skills, while Maisy stabilizes for her.

Several projects needed larger pieces of plywood cut in complicated ways, so we learned how to use the band saw!

Some of our Space Tinkerers involved in painting took it upon themselves to clean their brushes and hang them to dry without any provocation. We love this consideration of sharing tools and space with others!

Fitz, Phoebe and Alex wash paintbrushes.

By the end of the day, after several false starts, the 2 parts of the Launch Tower were moved, assembled and raised!

The Mission Control team finished framing their control panel and got one monitor screen up on it legs!

Vehd, August, Ida and Sam secure legs to the control panel.

Ida, Serafina, Oliver and Orin make stands for monitors.

Space helmets, moon rock picks, and space food were finished!

Ellen cuts space helmet materials.

Eli and Ellen test the communication and breathing tubes.

With each projects' base standing solidly and confidence in tool use we are in a good place to focus on the fine and tricky details that are on the horizon.

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