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Castles: Big Progress on Hump Day

Sean Murray

The castle is getting absolutely enormous. The solid walls are all up and sheathed, next we'll add a giant door, or maybe even a drawbridge. (At 24 feet long, 12 feet wide and 10' tall, we're still struggling to capture it in a photo.)

There's also a giant throne with complex, decorative arm rests, a royal bed and a huge "tapestry" of a unicorn. 

Abby, Eliza and Zoey have used almost every tool in the shop constructing a deb with tall posts and a curtain.

Peike and Sophia paint a unicorn tapestry.

The royal foosball table.

Ruby paints the throne--note the compoun miters on the arm rests!

There are some cannon stations and a catapult, but only for use launching food to those who live outside the castle walls. Ours, you see, is a peaceful kingdom. The only trouble is the dragon under construction far outside the walls...

Zoya, Scarlett and Piper connect segments of the dragon.

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