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Balance: Day 1

Sean Murray

This week, we are building projects around the theme of BALANCE.

Georgia and Charlotte.

We start by familiarizing ourselves with the tool sand materials.

Grabbing screws and bits at the tool wall.

We practice the barest fundamentals: combining material (with the drills)

Sophia and Ryan make the base of a giant Scales of Justice.

Felix and Gabriel.

...holding material in place (with the clamps)...

Ella, Sophia, Tia and Alex practice the clamps.

Jah-Amiel and Nathan clamp the base of a balance beam.

...and subtracting material (with the chop saw).

Ben and Ryan cut a stud.

Our first projects include balance beams...

...and mobiles made of hardware.

As always, the day ends with a good clean-up and campers telling stories of other campers being excellent.

Brothers in cleaning!

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