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Making Things Complicated

Lindsay Jones

This week we are going to do things the hard way...for fun!  Using the drilling, clamping and chop saw skills we learned this morning we are going to create the most complex, twisty, turny, loud, amazing way to cut a tiny stick of wood: An Action-Reaction Machine!

Elizabeth, Katherine, and Clem do some complicated measuring to get the angle of the domino stairs just right.

Alex, Elias, and Duncan practice intricate clamping.

Audrey demonstrates the Audrey demonstrates the "twisty" clamp!

Tinkerers got right to work on a "Plinko" ball bearing run, a Giant Domino run, and a gas powered - chemical reaction Balloon Rocket segment!

Dylan uses the chop saw to cut a miter.

Owen, Ethan, and Leo add supports to the bottom of the Balloon Rocket tower.

The Plinko team figures out the placement of the plinks.

Katia uses the hand saw to work on her personal project.

With one tower, the Plinko base, and tons of dominos finished in one afternoon we are hitting the ground running on this Rube Goldberg machine! We can't wait to see what else these tinkerers think up for it!

To see more captivating pictures of tinkering - in - progress head on over to our flickr page!

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