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Making Obstacles to Overcome

Sean Murray

Summer has been going smoothly--too smoothly. This week, we're gonna create some obstacles to overcome, literally.

Siva and Eli frame.

Our big picture goal is to create a massive obstacle course. Of course, the path to big things begins with modest steps. 

Clamp training. Clamps are essential tools for kids who want to work independent of adults!

We learned to use the chopsaw, the drills, the clamps and mix paint.

With a shared understanding of our tools and materials, we begin designing our projects.

Our big goals are to 1) treat each other kindly and 2) try hard, even when things are tough. Here, we see both on display.

We'll start with a tunnel, a laser maze (think "Entrapment" or "Ocean's 12") and a balloon pit. 

Stay tuned here and our flickr to follow our progress through the week!

Like so many things here at Tinkering School, paint is on walk-up access, no adult necessary. It's an act of trust, one that has been well-respected by our awesome campers.

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