Tinkering School

come make amazing things with us

Many Hands Make More Things!

Lindsay Jones

The second day of Tinkering School is so exciting because we get to jump right into building! Yesterday afternoon all the projects got their bases pretty well constructed so today we took everything to the next level.

Atessa experiments with ways to create mesh for the Balloon Pit.

Eli and Siva attach a support to the LASER Maze.

Riya and Kira take their tunnel into the third dimension.

As each project progressed and solved problems, tinkerers learned to use new tools and picked up some new skills!

Evie very carefully uses the rope cutter to melt some LASER cord.

Auden practices the square knot he just learned to attach the laser cord to the Maze!

Siva masters the drill press!

After working so excitedly some well deserved breaks were in order:

Balloon Pit team takes some rest in the shade of their hard labor.

Maya takes a break from building and gets to work with colors.

The Laser Maze team took a break from work to clean up their area to prep for their next stage of building: Laser Installation. Thanks for being so thoughtful!

At closing circle where we share stories of Kids being awesome to Kids we heard so many reports of amazing teamwork. The evidence is all around us: three projects are almost done by the end of Day 2! What else will we create this week!?

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