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We Really Really Did it!!

Lindsay Jones

The biggest obstacle that we overcame today (besides the GIANT CLIMBING WALL/WEB) was containing our excitement about playing on the obstacles, so that we could finish them! AGH! It was hard, but look what these Tinkerers accomplished this week:

A branching tunnel so long it won't fit in one photo!

Maya makes a decision in the dark: MonkeyBars or Climbing Wall?

Kiana finds her way out of the dark!

We hit some tricky design problems with the Monkey bars, but finished in time to swing around!

A lot of the obstacles involved not just fastening pieces of wood together, but also complex rope situations, that even the tiniest of fingers mastered.

After flailing through the Balloon Pit we snaked through the Laser Maze!

Then it was up the Climbing Wall and, with an exciting twist, down the Spider Web backwards!!

The space was so filled with giant things to play on that we didn't have enough room to attempt to maneuver around on our Huge Team-Skis. The campers this week had no problem visualizing and creating their dream playground this week.

We were impressed with how teams powered through each frustrating moment. We are excited to see what they get up to in the future. But for now ....


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