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Mark Day Insects! (2017)

A Couple of Giant Insects Spotted at Mark Day School! (Well, actually, we have to build them first!)

Mark Day Insects! (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

We spotted these two huge, practically unidentifiable insects at Mark Day School!

One sort of looks like if you crossed a Dragonfly and a Bee, and maybe a Train, you might get this creature. It's in three parts and may have more wings than it should, and maybe a stinger, or at least something pointy. All three of its body sections are also separate, and yet joined together, so that when it moves it moves all together and yet separately. It's very confusing, but I'm sure will make more sense as we study it and hang out with it and add on to it over the course of the week.

The second insect is like a spider centipede. It has a bunch of legs that move like a crab's legs, and a bunch of body sections. It's going to be so long. We haven't even discovered how long it is yet. It may or may not stretch all over the blacktop and across the building space and be big enough for small humans to crawl through. 

Where did these bugs come from? How did they get here?

I'm glad you asked!

At Tinkering School, we start each project by learning about new tools and new people. We practice being in our space and using the tools. We make agreements and collaborate with one another, and also try to agree in large groups on one (or a few) course(s) of action. This is actually really hard.

It's sometimes much harder than making giant imaginary insects. 

So today we practiced doing the hard things. We made mistakes and tried really hard and worked together and started making some structures that are really, really, big. 

The rest of the week, we'll continue to practice. We'll also be continuing to make some really strange insects as a group. Because Monday's are so packed full of practice, we didn't make very much tangible progress on the projects (totally normal!) but we got a good start, and I can't wait to help add on tomorrow!

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