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Mark Day Undersea (2017)

Under the (Hot) Sea at Mark Day School - Thursday's Mega Teamwork

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Teamwork is hard. It's hard because we are training tools and skills that are largely individual. One person at a time on the chopsaw. A drill is a two handed tool (usually the two hands belong to one person.) Clamps are pretty much designed to be used by one person and not a team.

So, while we're teaching these tools that are designed for use by one person, in just one week, we are also unteaching that.

How many people can it actually take to put one screw into two pieces of wood? No, this isn't the set up for a bad joke. I'm being serious. How many?

A Submarine, A Fred (The Octopus) and New Endangered Species at Mark Day

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

We're halfway done!

The highlights from today were:

  • A new species of wooden marine life was discovered in the parking lot!
  • A submarine got a floor and a roof and then flipped using human power!
  • An octopus has 8 legs (not yet attached!)
  • Young humans were able to use a bunch of new tools and new techniques: the jigsaw, the handsaw, how to make a jig, specialized cuts on the chopsaw, and of course, how to work and communicate better together as members of a building and problem-solving community.  

Under the Sea @ Mark Day School!

Mark Day Undersea (2017)Amanda SimonsComment

Today was the launch of Tinkering School's first week at Mark Day School in San Rafael! For both students and staff, it was quite the experience. This is our first time launching a summer day camp that's primarily outdoors, with a mobile shop that can be tucked and untucked at the close and start of each day, and in a space where we aren't reliant on many of the things we come to depend on at our main day camp location in San Francisco -- there are no rafters from which to suspend projects, no endless supply chain of weird and unusual materials, and no walls. 

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