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Propellors Continue... With Motors! - George Washington High School Tinkering Labs Science 04.05

Sayuri FalconerComment

The week before last, Miss Warner's class got to work on some manually powered propellors made of a chopstick, Post-Its, and for some, duct tape. 

This time around, we re-explored pushing air with electricity. But unlike last time, there was no example to replicate. The challenge: make a machine that pushes air to move a car! 

First, the Tinkerers discovered how the TinkeringLabs pieces fit together, feeling the air made by the spinning wheels. 

Soon, with more attachments, the wheels evolved into more complex air-moving machines!

Different students used different combinations of Post-It's, straight pieces, L-shaped pieces, or more wheels to improve the machines in attempt to push the sail-car, while others opted to create entirely different machines. One student incorporated a chopstick to evolve the air-pushing machine into an egg beater!

Just as class was about to wrap up, one student succeeded in moving the car... but instead of pushing the sail, her machine pulled at it! Everyone gathered around to watch and her discovery inspired many hurried attempts at improved reproductions. 

Here is the Flickr album for the day!

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