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I learned our motto by week 2 of summer camp and embraced it ever since then: “Failure is data collection.” It takes a lot of stubbornness and determination to finish a project. I learned the highlights and pitfalls of operating from a visual versus a structural perspective. It was a challenging project, but I am glad we tied it. Honestly, it was wonderful to look at myself and the kids at the end of the day and just know how happy we were to just get messy. 


Sean Murray

It was a 5-day camp with 36 kids, held in the mayo factory. The theme of the week was "Monster City". The big projects were a pretty-huge-sized replica of the spire of the Chrysler Building (for King Kong to climb), a 40'x40' city made of cardboard and a moving, rolling Godzilla Monster (to destroy the Cardboard City at the end of the week.

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