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Tinkering School on Hiatus

Hi Tinkering School community!

Tinkering School is tinkering with Tinkering School and here is why -

What started as an 8 camper experiment in Gever’s backyard has turned into 12 amazing years of afterschool, one-day workshops, day and overnight camps which serve over 1300 tinkerers a year.  After this last amazing summer we realize it is time to stop for a bit, reflect on where we have been, and explore ideas of where we can go to ensure that we can continue to bring tinkering experiences to young tinkerers in a way that is relevant to educators around the world.  In anticipation of some of the questions you may be having, the Tinkering School staff have compiled an FAQ list to help you understand where we're at:

How long will the hiatus last?

We can only tinker without young tinkerers for so long so we are planning some exciting weekend workshops to test a few new ideas and expect to get them up and running late October or early November.  Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter to hear the latest news first.

What about Thanksgiving and Winter Break Camps?

Tinkering School will not be having break camps over the Thanksgiving and winter holidays.  This is due, primarily, to the inconsistency in the way that school districts have calendered their breaks and with the way the winter holiday dates fall.  

What is Tinkering School going to look like next?

We know that we are going to offer many of the same programs, possibly with different structure, but we also know that we are going to be doing some new things too! And it’s so exciting for us to take this opportunity to reflect and change from our experiences. We do know that we are exploring more design-to-creation using technology and materials other than wood. All the while developing curriculum that will focus on engineering and finer construction skills in a way that stays true to celebrating and fostering the creativity and collaboration of our young Tinkerers. One of our goals this year is to make all of our work more accessible and usable by educators everywhere.

We thank those families that continue to empower their children to tinker with us and make this camp possible. 

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