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Current Openings

Want join our Team of awesome Collaborators? We have good news!

We are hiring for our after school, weekend workshop and summer camp programs!  

After School, Weekend Workshop and Day Camp Collaborator (Counselor) 2017

Tinkering School®  is looking for a collaborator/maker/builder/listener/explorer to join us as a Counselor for our After School/Weekend Workshop and Summer Day Camps. Our Counselors are people who are as comfortable with a chop saw as they are with cleaning skinned knees. As handy with a hot glue gun as they are with navigating the social emotional needs of six-year-olds. As deft with developmental, social and play-based needs of a ten-year-old as they are with an impact driver or sewing needle. Our Counselors can curate and shape an environment that tilts us all towards engagement, but follows a child’s lead as they explore that environment. Read the full job description and find out how to apply.

Overnight Collaborator (Counselor) Summer 2017

Tinkering School is a place where kids build amazing things. We are looking for a person who can both build incredible things and work with kids as peer, mentor, and guardian. We are looking for someone who knows the right way to make a go-cart, but can let the kids take the lead and work with them to make their own ideas become a reality. This person can deftly improvise a wheel and axle solution with nothing more than a threaded rod and some wood.  They also love and have experience working with kids and sees them as whole and awesome people who deserve our focus and respect. They can sit patiently with the needs of an 8 year old, and can talk to our teenagers like the adults they are becoming. Read the full job description and find out how to apply.


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