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The End of a Great Tinkering Summer

Amanda SimonsComment

Well, here it is. The end of August. We have had so many fun projects at Junior Day Camp this summer, from Dinosaurs to Poop Week and Space Week to Get Across the River! The time just flew by and we feel so lucky to have done so much collaborating, worked with so many great tinkerers, built BIG things, tried REALLY hard, and made so many excellent mistakes. Let's do it again next summer! Let the fall tinkering begin!

Cross the River - Friday!!!!

Amanda SimonsComment

What an intense building week at Junior Day Camp! We can hardly believe we made it to Friday!

The morning was our final building session and it was important for us all to GO SLOW. When we are running out of time to do things that we want to do, too often we will rush, make silly mistakes (the kind that maybe we should have ALREADY learned from), or even get hurt. We were mindful to slow down and focus on collaborating instead of finishing the project. In fact, we even talked about how finishing the projects is NOT one of our four Tinkering School goals!

Cross the River - Thursday!

Amanda SimonsComment

It turns out that it's really hard to cross an imaginary river. It's really hard to build a bridge and a train out of precut wood using teamwork and hardwork and lots of planning. We've spend the last two days making some big progress on these projects, despite that it's been really, really, hard!

Tomorrow, we wrap everything up and show it off in the afternoon, and I can't wait to see what happens!

Cross the River - Session 9 - MONDAY!

Amanda SimonsComment

This week, Junior Day Camp has a challenge: Cross the River two ways.

No, of course there isn't a real river at 1920 Bryant Street. Of course, the things we build are probably not going to be waterproof. Of course, we're going to build using the tools and materials that we practiced with all morning. 

Space! Wednesday : Some Tinkering

Amanda SimonsComment

It's a delicate balance that we are walking at Junior Day Camp. One of the challenges that the Collaborators face is the decision of whether to ask the Tinkerers to endure a series of challenges that may or may not lead them to the answer, or to feed them the answers and solutions to problems and let them gain experience from that kind of labor. 

Space! - Session 8 - MONDAY

Amanda SimonsComment

The Tinkerers of Junior Day Camp are traveling to space this week!

But first, we had some important business to take care of. Because this is the first time that this group of humans has ever been in the same room and been asked to work on the same project, we had to get to know how to safely interact in the space and with each other. 

To do that, we made some group agreements and also spent the morning learning about some new tools!

Poop Week! - Session 7 - WEDNESDAYS ARE HARD!

Amanda SimonsComment

Wednesdays are often hard and tiring for a lot of reasons. 

By this third day, the newness of the experience is starting to wear thin. As the Tinkerers get more and more comfortable with the space and with each other and with the tools, they start to figure out that working hard is really hard work. By Wednesday, we often have to have teamwork interventions and renew our group agreements and re-inspire these young builders to continue on a seemingly insurmountable task. 

Poop Week! - Session 7 - Day 1

Amanda SimonsComment

The format of Tinkering School doesn't change much from week to week. Mondays generally look the same: training, getting to know one another, practicing. On Tuesdays, we are in building mode. Wednesday and Thursday is usually the same. Fridays are a little different because we also take apart the thing we have built together.

Swallowed By A Whale- Day 1

Jeffrey KassubaComment

Swallowed By A Whale Week is here and Tinkering School is abuzz with excitement! 

In the morning we spent some time getting to know one another, learning the safest way possible to use each tool in the workshop, and sharing ideas on how we can interact together in the workspace through our Group Agreement. 

Partner Playground - Day 3: Wednesday is Fulcrum Day

Evan BarnesComment

Yes, the title of this post is a rather poor word substitution joke about Wednesday being hump (fulcrum) day. But today was the day that the See Saw team got to work building the fulcrum for their see saw! The Tinkerers really put in a solid day of work today, and we went from having the merest sketches of our ideas built at the start of the day to having full, impressive structures by the end of the day. There's definitely more work to do, but we seem to be well on our way to having our own custom built playground on Friday!

Partner Playground - Day 1 - Session 4: Getting the Hang of It

Evan BarnesComment

Today was the first day of a new week at Tinkering School! We have four main goals that we try to achieve during every day and every week of Tinkering School: to help one another collaborate and make friends; to try harder than usual; to learn from mistakes and failures; and to build something bigger than ourselves. This week we'll be trying to achieve these goals through building a Tinkering School take on a favorite place of many people: the playground! 

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