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Meet Our Staff

The Tinkering School Collaborators each bring their own unique and exciting perspective to each workshop. We are artists, parents, educators, child specialists, scientists, makers, and thinkers who are silly and also very serious about building community and building cool things with kids!


Gever Tulley

Gever founded Tinkering School in 2005 in order to learn how children become competent and to explore the notion that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything. A self-taught computer scientist with no formal education, Gever’s expertise is really in… thinking. Gever has taught workshops and made presentations to both kids and adults around the world. He has spoken at TED, twice, written articles for MAKE:, and authored the book Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do).


Sayuri Falconer
Collaborator and Assistant Administrator 

Sayuri (the tallest one in the photo) is the most recent high school graduate from Brightworks, Tinkering School’s year-round school counterpart. She is in her first year at Hampshire College.

Sayuri has been working with kids since even she was a kid. She started volunteering as a supervisor at an afterschool park program, then as a math and English tutor at the library for grades K-5. Later, she became a teacher’s aide at Brightworks, helping ten- and eleven- year olds with their arc projects. Soon after transferring to Brightworks as a student in 2015, she began her Tinkering School journey, volunteering at a winter break session. We made a streamer catapult… and it was awesome! In addition to building with kids during the summer, she also helps manage Tinkering School’s admissions and the email.

Sayuri believes in kids and their ability to do great things and inspire each other. She lives in the east bay. She likes skateboarding and making music and podcasts with her friends.

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