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Meet Our Staff

The Tinkering School Collaborators each bring their own unique and exciting perspective to each workshop. We are artists, parents, educators, child specialists, scientists, makers, and thinkers who are silly and also very serious about building community and building cool things with kids!


Gever Tulley

Gever founded Tinkering School in 2005 in order to learn how children become competent and to explore the notion that kids can build anything, and through building, learn anything. A self-taught computer scientist with no formal education, Gever’s expertise is really in… thinking. Gever has taught workshops and made presentations to both kids and adults around the world. He has spoken at TED, twice, written articles for MAKE:, and authored the book Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do).


Karen Dwyer-Meadow

When you find yourself spending more and more time hanging around places because it feeds your soul, you eventually realize that you should work there.  This has been the theme of Karen’s entire employment history, which means that she’s spent a lot of time hanging out in boat yards, on a chase boat, in restaurants and biotech companies, and, most recently, right here at Tinkering School.  Whether it was Jr. High School in the Virgin Islands, or college in Florida, or ending up in San Francisco because moving across the country with no job seemed like a good idea, Karen has always been confident that with equal parts of curiosity, ingenuity, and hard work, everything will just work out.  Karen lives her life with the same philosophy behind Tinkering School and is looking forward to taking Tinkering School out into the surrounding communities soon.  Karen does give credit that just a little bit of education (a BA in Business from Florida State University, and graduate coursework in Education at San Francisco State) helped along the way too.


Lindsay Jones
Site Manager and Collaborator

My name is Lindsay and I'm from Atlanta, Utah, Idaho, and Miami. I have a degree in Marine Biology, because I want to be a mermaid when I grow up.  I have travelled around the states getting paid to learn new skills like to SCUBA dive, to count fish in the Bering Sea and the Caribbean, and to sail tall ships.  I like trying new things I have never done before just to see what happens, and one of my top skills is helping others overcome that first barrier: the fear of the unknown and do the things they want to. I used to be a perfectionist until I started doing tie-dye with kids at summer camps. Even when the most carefully laid dye jobs went awry, they were always interesting. Many of my different adventures have been in education and/or guiding kids through new experiences. I was super lucky to combine my knowledge and excitement about marine life and education while working on snorkel tour sail boats. I would attempt to point out highly camouflaged and moving creatures while talking through my snorkel to people looking underwater for the first time!

I moved to California to help begin Tinkering School's Day Camp program and finally found a job that could hold my interest and continuously challenge me. This is the first time I've stayed at a job for more than one cycle! Whoa.  Some more of my top skills are: making people feel comfortable, making people feel uncomfortable, being adaptable, making pies, naming things, unexpected flavor combos, emergency solutions. When I have free time I like to work on my Subaru Amelia, sew things (quilts, clothes, sparkly stickshift cones), make art with hair and on fingernails. Dancing is my favoritest thing to do.


Amanda N. Simons
Site Manager and Collaborator

Amanda holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art and an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts, as well as a BFA in painting and a BA in English from the University of Michigan-Flint. In short, Amanda is good at making things and writing about things.

Over the past fourteen years, Amanda has taught art, writing, professional development, and creative problem solving to humans age 5 through 65 in quite a few different settings: in homeless shelters, extended education programs, summer camps, k-12 schools, nonprofit art galleries, as well as through colleges in both California and Michigan. In her many past lives, Amanda has been a bronze caster, a printmaker, a mural painter, a writing tutor, a banker, a web designer, a kid wrangler, a research assistant, an ice cream scooper, a curator, an art critic, and, most recently, a professor.

In addition to working the TS after school, weekend, and summer programs, Amanda also currently teaches English and Critical Studies to older humans at San Francisco Art Institute.

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