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Brightworks is an innovative new K-12 alternative school, located in San Francisco, and dedicated to the principles of hands-on, engagement-based learning.

Motivated by the success of participants in Tinkering School to build big things, Gever, our founder, wanted to translate this enthusiasm, focus, and sense of accomplishment from a one-week summer camp experience to the traditional school day.

Founded in 2010, Brightworks has spent years refining and expanding what is possible with hand-on education.


Media Mentions

NPR and All Things Considered

NPR visited Tinkering School® Session 1 in 2008 and described the goings-on as a segment on All Things Considered: Camp Offers Kids A Chance To Play With Fire

Tinkering School at TED

In 2009 Gever, our founder, was on the main stage to introduce all TEDsters to Tinkering School. Watch Life Lessons Through Tinkering, or read the comic version.

See the video that pre-empted Fifty Dangerous Things, the book : 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

Make Magazine

The 2009 Tinkering School Seniors' hang gliding project was written up in Volume 22: Under a Blue Tarp

The inspiration for the 2010 Tinkering School projects was published in Volume 20: The Lost Art of Lashing!

In preparing his "5 Dangerous Things" talk for TED, Gever thought about some of the real dangers to kids these days. He created some labels that were published in volume 7 of MAKE Magazine: Kid Safety Labels We Want to See

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