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Day Six - We Go The Extra Mile

2012 Session 1 - JuniorsgeverComment

It is the final push to get the houses ready to sleep in. In complete honesty, Gever is overheard to admit that he's not sure this is a sustainable tradition at Tinkering School - "Next, we'll be sleeping in the cars and boats we make," he says, suddenly grinning like a fool. Photo documentation is spotty today because we are all pitching in. Gever keeps saying "All hands on deck" until one of the tinkerers asks, "What does that mean?"

Despite the vast amount of work in front of us, Leslie, the ranch manager has offered an animal tour and chore duty - both seem equally exciting to the tinkerers so we opt to spend the morning working on the farm.

IMG 1945 While we wait for Leslie and her assistant Cathy to take us around the ranch, we sit with the chickens for a spell.IMG 1961 Ana likes the red one very much.

IMG 1966 A quiescent chicken seems to have a peculiar calming effect on the tinkerers.

IMG 1968 These gals are particularly fond of broccoli.

IMG 1978 Whenever we can't find Alonzo, we look in the chicken coop.

IMG 1985 "Can I keep 'em?" asks Connor.

IMG 1987 Gretchen and Josie with suitable chicken corsages.

IMG 2009 We have, with some diligent effort, become friends with the lama.

IMG 2016 Then Cathy and Leslie arrive (with their dogs) and we head to the shed to get gloved up.

IMG 2024 Then it's off to the barn to meet the horses from the upper pasture. The kids were amazed that there were animals on the farm that they hadn't met yet.

IMG 2029 Like little Hercules', they set to cleaning out the stable.

IMG 2034 Hayden brings the wheelbarrow in enpty...

IMG 2035 ...and Blake takes it out full.

IMG 2050 Alonzo does his share as well, proving that doing other people's chores is more fun than doing your own.

IMG 2064 Hayden puts the loose straw pile to good use.

IMG 2080 Gretchen makes friends with the dog that accidentally pushed her over earlier in the day.

IMG 2107 After lunch, we return to the creek and get back to work. Connor is building a new, taller, and more sturdy ladder for the Nooi house.

IMG 2109 Blake and the Piki clan are still making fancy furniture.

IMG 2111 Ana has a love/hate relationship with the clamps.

IMG 2113 Gever was struck by the verdant beauty of the trail to the river.

IMG 2114 The Kablooies are working to get their roof up.

IMG 2128 Hayden is fishing, with a knife. The fish don't seem too worried.

IMG 2130 Josie is getting a piece of the Piki roof tied down.

IMG 2132 The Piki have a pow-wow with Daniel to work out the logistics of their fire pit.

IMG 2142 Blake helps out at the Nooi house by stabilizing their new ladder.

IMG 2155 The Piki house is sturdy enough for Ana to do some gymnastics practice.

IMG 2164 Tah dah! The Kablooie house is finished!

IMG 2166 Tah dah! The Nooi house is finished!

IMG 2171 Gretchen tries out the new guest bench downstairs at the Nooi house.

IMG 2179 Gever and Connor decide to add another safety railing on the Nooi house.

IMG 2194 Sophia decides to build a ferry to take people to the Piki firepit so they don't track mud through the house.

IMG 2198 Portrait of a Tinkerer: Josie from the bridge.

IMG 2221 Meanwhile, Sophia works on the ferry some more.

IMG 2224 From what Gever can gather, this is mostly meant for any raccoons that may wander by.

IMG 2228 Be sure to read the fine print.

IMG 2233 Blake and the Piki clan take a moment to create a nice flower arrangement.

IMG 2236 Lauren spearheads a swing-making project and soon a swing is born.

IMG 2270 Meanwhile, Sophia takes a ride on her own ferry.

IMG 2286 The swing is big enough for two! Sophia and Josie enjoy the river swing.

IMG 2307 Chane checks in with the Nooi team as they spend a moment hanging out in their finished house.

IMG 2314 Portrait of a Tinkerer: Connor from the trees.

IMG 2321 Gretchen and Connor in the Nooi house.

IMG 2323 Portrait of a Tinkerer: From the department of "how can you not include a shot like this in the blog?" Gretchen being Gretchen.

During the final setup of the Piki house, we discover that there is insufficient structure in the walls, and much to the shock of Sophia and Josie, their kit-bags have fallen out and drifted downstream. "At least they floated and didn't sink," says Sophia, "because if they sank the stuff inside would have been wetter."

Some rapid engineering analysis reveals that there is much work to be done to make it safe for all five tinkerers who want to sleep there, but now that their stuff is soggy, Sophia, Josie, and Ana decide to vacate the house and sleep up in the ranch house again. That leaves Theo and Blake to set up quick rails that allow for only two sleepers, which they do, and then they sleep.

IMG 2356 And with that, Jared, Lauren, Gretchen, Connor, Blake, Theo, and Gever settled down for the night in the creek houses.

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