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Days One and Two - Life on a Farm

2013 Session 1 - Seniorsgever1 Comment

For the first time since I started Tinkering School in 2005, it started without me. They refreshed their skills on the Tinkering School tool bench. D7K 7370

D7K 7373

Then something amazing happened in one of the nearby stalls. D7K 7383

Three baby goats were born. D7K 7387

D7K 7410

Then Josh started the week for us with a question: how can a bowling ball get from the Ranch House to Barn One, powered only by gravity, twice in a row? He marked the spot on the barn porch where the bowling ball must arrive.

D7K 7427

Which lead to some immediate design work. First on paper. D7K 7431

D7K 7433

D7K 7434

Then in prototype. D7K 7435

IMG 5262

Which lead to refinement, and then construction started in earnest. By the time I went up to Barn One with the tinkerers, things were already in full swing. IMG 5266

IMG 5270

IMG 5277

IMG 5297

IMG 5298

IMG 5309

Followed by a successful test of the first section of high-altitude, low-friction, bowling ball transport. IMG 5331

IMG 5332

Then a lunch break that includes cards and baby goats. IMG 5334

IMG 5340

The transport system works again at the installation site. IMG 5350

And the elevator system that will raise the ball up onto the barn porch begins to take shape. IMG 5360

In order to drive a huge lag bolt into the ground (anchor for the counterweight that will lift the ball onto the porch), Gil and Gabriel exhaust all possibilities in the toolbox and then end up re-shaping a smaller lag bolt to fit a socket onto an electric drill. IMG 5373

And we tested the aerial bowling ball transport track until the sun began to set behind the hills. IMG 5395

Because there is really nothing more beguiling than seeing a big blue bowling ball drift slowly overhead. IMG 5396

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