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Day Two - Monday Stands for Work

2013 Session 3 - MiddlesgeverComment

There are things that happen at night at Tinkering School, in the dining room, after lights-out. With cards.IMG 8930

Sometimes, before you get to work, you need to indulge your creative impulses. Liora feels that her puppet needs a nose. IMG 8941 X

"I just need to finish this chapter…", says Griffin, tool in hand. IMG 8955

Gever describes the first challenge of Session 3, and suddenly, what seemed like "just a chariot, you know, a box pulled by a bicycle" is starting to sound tricky. There's the connection to the bike, the wheel mounts, the carriage… IMG 8990

But the bicycle is definitely an interesting thing to try and connect to. IMG 9001

IMG 5310

That's enough talking, let's make teams and get to work. IMG 9013

Lauren is quick to point out that she's been on the Kablooi team at every one of the three Tinkering School sessions she has attended. IMG 5312

Taking advantage of the open floors before the projects take up all of the space, Gever takes one of the bikes for a ride. IMG 9033

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Josh IMG 9035

Liora and Eloise get to work on their wheel mounts. From Gever's presentation of the challenges, most of the teams seem to have picked up on his clues about focusing on the two most complicated problems first: the hitch, and the wheel mounts. IMG 5320

Adam and Emma of the Panda team are working on their hitch implementation. IMG 9053

Griffin (of the Nooi) is thinking that a caster bearing might be just the thing to connect a chariot to a bicycle. A decision that may come back to haunt his team later. IMG 9061

Liora begins what will be a multi-hour ordeal threading large hex nuts on to a long axle rod that has many manufacturing defects. IMG 9085

There are many fascinating solutions to the hitch problem emerging. IMG 9100

Be careful what you bite when you are holding both a banana and a drill. IMG 9116

Harry gets the support beams added to the Kablooi hitch. IMG 9122

Before lunch, we decide to take a quick break at the creek. IMG 5324

IMG 9151

IMG 9155

Mackenzie catches a crawdad and shares it with everyone. IMG 5328

IMG 9175

Portrait of a Young Collaborator: Serena IMG 9183

Something wonderful happens when you let children loose in the woods. IMG 9190

IMG 9201

After lunch, Harry gets back to work in the barn. IMG 9228

The Nooi's re-purposed caster is fully integrated in their new hitch mount. IMG 5335

A load of kids heads off to view and analyze the test track with Gever in the truck - so they ride on the outside. IMG 9266

IMG 9270

IMG 9273

Gever, Mori, Griffin, and Josh (a motley crew if ever there was one) walking out to the test track. IMG 5343

Gever has lead them to the abandoned RC airstrip south of Half Moon Bay. It is, we determine, twenty feet wide and 265 usable feet long. Perfect for chariot racing! IMG 5344

And this happened. IMG 5349

After another few hours back at the barn, we took a goat break. Emma with the baby brown kid. IMG 9314

Serena with the beige goat. IMG 9324

You can't believe how adorable it is to be nibbled by a baby goat. Really. You can't. IMG 9348

Noah and the beige goat. IMG 9355

Liora with the brown goat. IMG 9359

Eloise with the bony one. IMG 9364

Griffin with the wrinkly one. IMG 9372

Adam with the sleepy one. IMG 5352

We return to the barn, finish up, and dance! IMG 9402

Dancing is not enough, we must play tag. IMG 9408

Serious Banana Tag. IMG 9411

In case you were wondering, here are tomorrow's dinner makings. IMG 5361

After dinner, the Tinkering School knives are given out. Lauren has every one of the three knives she has received at Tinkering School. IMG 9427

A spontaneous whittlin' circle takes form on the barn deck. The conversation turns to the critical differences between geeks and nerds. IMG 9429

And that was our day. Tomorrow is Tuesday, day three. The theme of the day is "Chariot Testing." So far, one of the caster-based hinges has already broken - it should be an interesting day.

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