Tinkering School

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Day Four - Wednesday is for Playing


After two days of very intense work, we pause and go to the beach.IMG 0128

We immediately get busy doing the things we all love to do. Read, eat, build, laugh. IMG 0133

The beach day is also a day when the staff gets to relax and just fool around. IMG 0135

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Adam at the Beach IMG 0137

All day long, the sky was filled with birds. IMG 0139

Griffin, Mori, and Adam took it upon themselves to repair and renovate a ramshackle fort. IMG 0143

And a clubhouse was born. IMG 0146

Portrait of a Young Tinkerer: Mori at the Beach IMG 0151

Zachary made a few versions of something very bow-like. IMG 0156

Emma went into the sea, and the sea paid attention. IMG 0175

The rest went into the sea and splashed around like giddy monkeys. IMG 0178

Emma places a call on the kelp-phone. IMG 0201

Eloise, Adam, and Mackenzie chase the seagulls. IMG 0210

Sorting and collecting is a long-time favorite pastime. IMG 0221

And birds kept happening. IMG 0238

And forts kept happening. IMG 5428

And tinkerers got buried (Zachary). IMG 0242

And Eloise buried her self. IMG 0245

And founders took naps. IMG 5432

And this happened (Lauren and Zachary). IMG 5434

IMG 0260

"Hold on, just one sec." IMG 0276

Harry and Eloise dispose of Emma's body. IMG 0313

Griffin evaluates his options. IMG 0322

And then back to the ranch for salmon and chicken dinner. IMG 0333

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