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Day Five - New Beginnings

2013 Session 3 - MiddlesgeverComment

Thanks to Serena who took the blog reins tonight! Morning dawns, and we get ready to begin a new and exciting day. IMG 0349

Building on the skills developed during the chariot races, Gever presents the new challenge - wheel your entire team down four and a half miles down the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail. We head to the barn to discuss and plan. IMG 0356

In order to begin, we must first access and divide the scrap pile - and then for the fun part, the gathering and examining of the wheels. New teams are assembled for the new challenge - Piki: Griffin, Emma and Josh, Kablooi: Lauren, Noah, Zachary, Nooi: Adam, Eloise and Mori, and the Panda: Liora, Harry and Brigid. IMG 0360

Our new guests from Madrid have come to learn how Tinkering School works. Adam explains and guides them through proper chop-saw operation. IMG 0367

The newly formed Panda team, Liora, Harry and Brigid begin to assemble their tandem skateboard. IMG 0371

Emma's (not quite complete) scooter goes for a test run. IMG 0375

Just before being sent back to the house to put on real shoes, Noah hangs ten on his mini board. IMG 0380

Harry takes a nose dive as he tries out the Panda skateboard. IMG 0390

And of course, after a new start, we need a new goat break. IMG 0392

It is terrible to see such suffering on the faces of young and innocent children. Griffin suffers along through the abysmal sweat shop conditions. IMG 0404

In the cathedral of the barn, Gever and Mackenzie kneel at the altar of tinkering as they discuss difficult design choices. IMG 0406

Lunch has become home to a secret reading society. Head of this, is, of course, Lauren. IMG 0423

Emma at work on her prototype. IMG 0433

Adam at work on yet another mount for their scooter-sidecars. IMG 0447

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Mori the Monster IMG 0450

Brigid gets a plumber's tape tutorial. IMG 0457

Emma works on a brake for her scooter. IMG 0459

Harry's work with plumber's tape comes to a screeching halt when he sees the clementines arrive. IMG 0471

Caravaggio's got nothing on us. Noah working on his scooter. IMG 0475 X

Brigid tries out the Panda's tandem skateboard - will it hold her? IMG 0481

Lauren works on a parts basket for the Kablooi bicycle. IMG 0488

Gever asks for advice on the placement of his new hat - "Do I look more intelligent with it in back? Or in front?" Lauren and Zachary wonder what has come over the director of Tinkering School, but offer their opinions. IMG 0497

Mackenzie and Griffin share a moment of mutual appreciation as they work out the details of Griffin's scooter. IMG 0506

And this happened. (Mori) IMG 0511

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Josh IMG 0512

Noah builds a steering handle for his scooter. IMG 0518 X

Zachary works on his scooter - there will be squadrons of scooters tomorrow. IMG 0527 X

During the afternoon lull, we decide to take a hike break. IMG 0558

Little did they know, that the "little" hike was about to become an adventure. IMG 0569

Eloise demonstrates how to properly jump over a fence - wearing a big grin. IMG 0576

"Let's take this well graded road! It must lead somewhere… " - these might of been the last words of Doctor Livingstone. IMG 0584

A well graded road becomes a somewhat groomed trail - but it's no trouble for us tinkerers. We press on. IMG 0609

From a hillside down into a verdant canyon. Suddenly, we aren't quite as sure of where we are. IMG 0629

Refusing all of Serena's efforts to give (sound) advice, Noah tests his scooter without handle bars. It looks like this. IMG 0669

When his doesn't work, he borrows Griffin's. IMG 0673 X

Noah plays tube toss, using Griffin as a post. A moving one. IMG 0693

A short trip to the eucalyptus grove is declared necessary. On the way back, eucalyptus on top a'flyin', the truck returns triumphant. IMG 0699 X

Gever on the top of the truck. Again. IMG 0718

Thursday evening barbecue- Brigid gets cozy with her burger as Liora looks on. IMG 0734

IMG 0736

Another well loved Thursday night tradition is the campfire. We all gather up to enjoy its heat and one another's company. IMG 0738

And we roast marshmallows. IMG 0746

Gever and Mackenzie harmonize on the John Prine classic - Angel from Montgomery. IMG 0753

Tonight we feast on s'mores. Tomorrow will be a new adventure. IMG 0776

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