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Day Four - The Longest Day Ever

2014 Session A - Mastersgever1 Comment

Wednesday, the nemesis of tinkerers everywhere. Our schedule (see earlier post) says that we are sealing the pontoons with wax today, but...

It's this kind of day - we just don't know it yet.

IMG 0265

Liora and Serena and Megan and sometimes Lauren (who is still visiting every team that needs help) are starting to work out the details on the mast.

IMG 0368

Your Daily Goat.

IMG 0387

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Evan needed extra sawdust protection (we all did, there was an unprecedented amount of cutting today).

IMG 0421

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nova is one of the best listeners.

D7K 2852

Miles takes the lead on the pontoons, also known as "floaty bobbers" (and sticks with it until long after dinner) in order to try and get us back on schedule.

D7K 2856

As per our erstwhile habit of repurposing donated paragliders, the sail team carefully dissects a wing to make a sail - an activity that would send any pilot into a conniption fit.

IMG 0568

Liora examines the internal organs of the wing and discovers a perfectly good velcro belt.

IMG 0582

Megan works to salvage as many of the paraglider's lines as possible.

IMG 0586

Jigsawing the oars puts saw operators faces very close to the sawdust spraying out of the tool.

IMG 0592

The jigsaw leaves a very sharp and splintery edge, and the oar team (Frannie, Evan, Elizabeth and Lauren) set to work with knives, rasps, and sanding blocks to address the problem.

D7K 2859

Evan diligently carved away at every single oar to keep the production line going.

D7K 2875

Gabriel puts his Opinel to work.

D7K 2882

The first meeting of the sailmakers knitting club gets down to business.

D7K 2894

After consulting with the deck team, the bench team realizes that there is a problem with the mounting system they had planned and sets about revising the benches so that they can be easily screwed to the deck.

D7K 2901

This is what a good water-tight lacing looks like.

D7K 2929

The first stop on the way to the Ranch House for lunch is the hand-washing station - no dirty hands in the kitchen.

D7K 2939

We wear the goggles so much, we sometimes forget that we have them on. Megan remembers just lunch is served.

IMG 0644

Hands of a Tinkerer: Megan attaches mast rings to the sail. This will be the first non-sticking sail to mast solution ever at Tinkering School.

IMG 0787

Hands of a Tinkerer: Lauren (who does everything) is right in there too.

IMG 0796

Elijah carefully drills holes for the seam lacing that will keep the pontoons watertight.

IMG 0805

Gever had to climb up the barn wall to capture the amazing hive of activity in the pontoon manufacturing plant.

IMG 0814

Still hard at work on the pontoons, the unstoppable Miles keeps the production pace brisk.

IMG 0823

Every boom ever made at Tinkering School has posed a few problems - this one is no different. Luckily, Liora and Serena of the sail team have a (new) plan.

D7K 2944

Young Josh pre-threads the wire laces in so that the pliers team can come along and twist them tight.

D7K 2954

Elizabeth seems undaunted by her first finger cut of the day (later she will cut the exact same finger in a door, just on the opposite side of this cut).

D7K 2965

Hands of a Tinkerer: Lauren fits the eye bolt into the end of the boom.

IMG 0844

Liora loves her big wire ring.

IMG 0849

Four fully wax-sealed oars, and the prototype/backup oar.

IMG 0891

Your Weekly Flower (thanks Frannie!).

IMG 0941

Ben is ready for the trailer ride (no running boards on the van this year) to the big pantry for more dinner supplies.

IMG 1008

It is quite possible that there is no other person on the planet that enjoys riding outside of a vehicle as much as Young Josh does (but Lauren would give him a run for his money in that department).

IMG 1028

Dinner happened. The list of things still left to do before we can test the boats is longer than we would like, so we head back to the barn for a marathon work session.

Starting with the beautiful and very hydrodynamic pontoon prow.

D7K 2984

Miles. With a boat. Again. Undauntable.

D7K 2996

There are four half pontoons that will be fastened together to create two whole pontoons. The production teams are cranking them out.

D7K 3003

Hard working teams deserve delicious dessert. Tonight we are treated to strawberries and pound cake with "Frannie's Goop" (sour cream mixed with brown sugar).

D7K 3025

We started the day at 8:30 in the morning, and the last teams left the barn at 10:30 in the evening. No whining, no cranky-pants, just full steam ahead all day and into the night. This is why we love Tinkering School - it is more fun to work than to sleep.

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